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Selena Gomez Victorious Transplant

The former Disney star Selena Gomez disclose to Instagram that she has been somewhat out of the spotlight for awhile because she was recovering from her transplant procedure.  She recently received a kidney transplant from television actress Francia Raisia due to her battle with Lupus, according to the Jamaica Gleaner. Gomez wrote  “there aren’t words to describe” how she can thank Raisa, who she says gave the ultimate gift and sacrifice by donating her kidney.”

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The Rebel Boss Vs Equal Rights & Justice Boss (Round 1)

“Rebel Rebel, Rebel this a bad gal D.I. ready fi whateva cause you know mi nuh shy.”

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Broken-hearted Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga and her fiancé Taylor Kinney broke up in July 2016. Lady Gaga has been working on her documentary that showcases her life, from fame to love and from mental issues to heart breaks.  Her new film/ documentary is called Five Foot Two and reports are, at the start of Lady Gaga’s new film Five Foot Two, the singer reveals that her relationship with Kinney isn’t in a great place:

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Press Release From MPR- International Reggae Artist I-Octane Signs Deal with American Based

Jamaica, U.S.A (MPR Consulting) – International recording artist I-Octane has announced his recent signing with Miami based management company, Beautiful People MGT, and a recording deal with San Francisco based label “Independent Distribution Collective” (IDC). The latter set in preparation for his highly anticipated 2018 album.Fans of I-Octane have been clamoring for a full length anthology since his 2014 hit filled “My Journey” which topped #4 on the Billboard Reggae Chart. Since then, the reggae star has delivered numerous worldwide top charting singles, while continuing extensive touring from his hit filled repertoire.

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Yeah! Yeah! 2k17 Summer Song

‘Everybody shout yeah yeah yeah yeaah!!!’ Dancehall artist Aidonia has created an exciting and riveting song called “Yeah Yeah”. It has taken a toll in the Jamaican music industry and also within the Caribbean. His song is blasting in cars, on the radio, in parties and on social media platforms. It is a song that keeps you upbeat and confident. For example, I just got a brand-new laptop that I worked hard to pay for so upon delivery, I was singing “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah ha ha ho my laptop is here”. I was jubilant. So, the next time something exhilarating happen in your life just shout out “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Ha Ha Ho” and dance to if you want to; just go crazyyy!

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Taylor Swift’s New Identity & Song

A few years ago, I loved this song:

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Pregnancy is on Adele’s Agenda

It is being reported that Adele wants to be pregnant by next year which is her 30th birthday. The ‘Hello’ hit maker who already has a four year old son wants to him a sibling. The 29-year-old singer has made no secret of the fact she wants to expand her brood with her partner, whom she married last year in a secret ceremony, as she admitted during her ‘Adele Live’ tour in March that she is planning to take an extended break once she’d finished on the road so that she can focus on having another baby according to MSN Entertainment news.  That’s so exciting to raise a family with the love of your life. If you find, your knight and shining armor or queen, why not make babies? Build an empire of little mini-you…

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What is Swish Swish….?

The “I Kissed a girl” singer Katy Perry has dropped her new song called Swish Swish and the music video for it. It is quite funny and different. Trinidadian’s queen Nikki Minaj is the featured artist on the track and as always Nikki Minaj raps effortlessly to help make it a hit song. Some people are saying it is wack and just a crazy video but Katy Perry is the type of artiste who can be whimsical in her videos. She is an amusing artiste who makes fun of herself and finds it normal. She makes vivid and picturesque music videos that grabs one’s attention, forcing you to say wow or that was a good imaginative story.  This “Swish Swish” song is on her fourth coming album called ‘Witness’. But wait a minute, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are not on good terms and fans are wondering if the ‘Swish Swish’ song is targeted to Taylor Swift. Some people think so because of Taylor’s last name (Swift) so Katy perhaps, just shift the letters a bit and says ‘Swish Swish’. Hmmmm, how smart? Nevertheless, I like Katy Perry, she is a fun and a beautiful artiste. She has one of the most gorgeous bright eyes. See the video and comment what you think.

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