Camila Cabello Exit The Fifth Harmony Group, So What Now?

Camila Cabello Exit The Fifth Harmony Group, So What Now?

“Give it to me I’m worth it” Fifth Harmony’s hit song couple years ago where Camila Cabello was one of the group members. However, she recently left the group to be a solo artiste but why?

“With the experiences we had being in the studio, I became super-curious about songwriting and it was around the time — I think it was the second year that I was with the group — that I wanted to start songwriting for other people,” she explains. “But once I was old enough to experience my first kiss, or the first time that I went out on a date, I began writing songs about it, and I didn’t want to give them away to anybody else because they were about me. I was finding my voice, and with it, I found the passion that gives you a deeper meaning” she explains in an interview with the digital magazine, The Edit. 

Camila, has been doing great since she went solo with her career as her hit single ‘Havanna’ has a lot of radio plays. Her song has been number on musical charts and continues to keep fluctuating on the Billboard Hot 100 chart not going below the number 3 position.  Sometimes, you have to leave your comfort zone in order to push yourself further to your true destiny.

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