Why Was Cardi B Kicked out of a Hotel?

Why Was Cardi B Kicked out of a Hotel?

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper was kicked out of  a hotel in New York City Sunday morning.  Apparently, guests were complaining about noises coming from her room shortly after, she was asked to leave the premises.  Cardi B then accused the hotel staff and security team of racism. She was staying at the Hilton Albany in New York. In the hours after she was thrown out of the hotel, the rapper took to social media to explain what happened. In a tweet posted on Sunday, she wrote,

“So me & my team got kicked out of this hotel in Albany cause my floor smell like weed mine You I hate weed & nikkas do not smoke it.”  

Cardi B is an outspoken person and what she accused the hotel and security staff of, is quite alarming.  Why would she think that they are racist for throwing her out of the hotel?  Was it that she thinks the hotel staff went overboard with the situation?  Or maybe they grudges her for making it to the top- the first female rapper to have their solo song at the number 1 spot on the billboard chart. With all of this in mind, I still love Cardi B, she is authentic and a strong-minded individual.  “I make money moves” are you making money moves? You better! Let me know what you think about this conflict.

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