Danielle D.I. and Ishawna Round 2

Danielle D.I. and Ishawna Round 2

Round 2 of the lyrical war has taken place and  for some listeners it was quite dishonoring while others found it exciting. The “Rebel” singer released her second diss track “Street Bicycle” which talks about her opponent being dancehall’s mattress. In other words, she is a whore in the music industry as Danielle DI says in her song “ Whoring gal mi owe you a box down fi the boss lady cause Toya nuh deh yah fi dweet.” However “Equal Rights” singer Ishawna was not having it; she clapped back with her diss track entitled “Walking Dead.” In Ishawna’s song, it talks about Danielle’s sick mom being killed by the singer’s mother and further talks about Ishawna has a superb vagina.

“My mother kick off hospital door and tek yuh mumma off a life support” those were the words in Ishawna’s counteract song. “But mi p****y a gucci you a Old Navy” she further shared. Since, the release of Ishawna’s song, Danielle has not yet responded but will she? Its been almost 4 weeks since the round 2 kick off and there’s still no sign of retaliation from Danielle D.I. Perhaps, she thinks its not worth her time to clap back as her opponent’s song was too degrading and disgraceful in the feud. Another assumption could be that she may just give us a surprise but maybe by then fans might already be disengaged.  Let’s see what happens, I wonder will they be at Jamaica’s popular stage show called ‘Sting’ to further lyrically face off.  No, it will not happen, Ishawna said she will not do it if it should be requested in her previous On Stage interview.

27 October 2017 Music

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