The Rebel Boss Vs Equal Rights & Justice Boss (Round 1)

The Rebel Boss Vs Equal Rights & Justice Boss (Round 1)

“Rebel Rebel, Rebel this a bad gal D.I. ready fi whateva cause you know mi nuh shy.”

Dancehall artiste Danielle DI is certainly not shy about anything. DI has released a ‘diss’  track aiming at controversial dancehall artiste Ishawna.

“Mi seh equal rights and justice. Nuff ignorant people ago cuss this.”  

The “Equal Rights” singer retaliated with a song titled “Headshot”  which has now escalated the lyrical war between the two artistes. Music critics are praising Ishawna for not backing down to a lyrical clash. Some people have said that it has been awhile since there was a female dancehall feud.

“ Gal weh yuh know bout me, talk up, mek sure yuh know bout mi, talk up. Money still a mek all when mi nah wuk and mi house well big and the bimma park up” said Danielle Di in the first verse of her song.  “ Stop call up mi name cause mi nuh friend gal, likkle mash mouth gal guh fix yuh dental. The whole of Downsound red yuh out like a rental.”

Is that so Ishawna? Danielle is saying she is still making money even when she is not working so she is not a broke person. She talks about her assets that she has such as her big house and her expensive car.  Is she implying that Ishawna doesn’t has all the things she possess? Let’s take a look on Ishawna’s response.

“Anytime dem a come fi me, tell dem fi come harder cuz mi vocabulary wide, mi back broad, and mi tongue longer than fi Shebada,” Ishawna said in the song’s intro. “Me never intend fi pay dis gyal no mind … hurricane season but yuh career inna drought, yuh come a mi doorstep a look handout.”

Fundamentally, Ishawna is saying that if one should attack her, they should come with full force because she has enough strength to fight back. She is also expressing that Danielle’s music career is very dry and she is looking to Ishawna for some enlightenment.

Wow! Can this lyrical war get any better? I am not on any side. I’m only here for the entertainment and the excitement of the drama. Danielle DI has not yet responded due to a family crisis. Nevertheless, the war is not over, let Danielle work on her family situation because family comes first, right? So, we await…

15 September 2017 Latest News

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