The Queen of Collaborations

The Queen of Collaborations

My goodness! Nikki is always collaborating with artistes, they just love her Trini Caribbean gal style.  According to a source, it stated that Nikki Minaj has 76 collaborations since she came into the music business.  The 76th one is with Fergie that came out last Friday- You Already Know. When Nikki Minaj came to the music spotlight in 2009, my favourite song was “Itty Bitty Piggy.”

“Flyer than a kite, I get higher than Rapunzel. Keep the Snow White, I can buy it by the bundle. Step your cookies up fore they crumble. Don’t be acting like the cardinals aint gone fumble.”

That’s just a little of her line verse I’m going to share with you. You have to check that song out if you haven’t do it as yet.

According to one music industry expert says that:

“The types of songs and type of collaborations Nicki’s done are very universal,” said one expert. “Her reach is bigger than someone like Azealia Banks or Remy Ma. Remy Ma is all the way hip-hop, all the way urban, so her demographic is not as huge as Nicki’s.”

Shirley Halperin, executive editor of music at Variety further says:

“No one has the recognition and mainstream appeal that Nicki Minaj does,” Halperin told TooFab. “She can also be very street and very almost underground hip-hop, so she rides both lanes, which is very unusual and speaks to her sort of ubiquitous-ness. That’s why you hear her on so many tracks and so many different kinds of tracks from the biggest pop stars to the most credible rappers.”

All I can say is that Nikki Minaj is in a league of her own. Any song that she is featured in she always takes the spotlight; people tend to forget about the main singer and sometimes only wait until Nikki’s verse comes on. Nikki Minaj has this kind of vibe that most people are drawn to due to her brilliance in articulating and formulating her lyrics. Her lyrics are so fluent and catchy; it forces you to want to rap like her without stumbling on the words.With that being said,  what is your favorite Nikki Minaj song or line verse?


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