Rihanna launches Fenty Beauty Line

Rihanna launches Fenty Beauty Line

“Cheers to the freaking weekend drink to that yeah yeah!” Because Rihanna has just launched her new Fenty Beauty Line! The “Love on the Brain” singer has been teasing her fans on her social media accounts for weeks about her beauty line. Finally, she has debuted the full collection at a jam-packed event in New York City.

Miss bad gal Rihanna has a line of 40 foundation shades along with an extensive range of  Killawatt highlighters namely “Trophy Wife,” “Metal Moon,” “Mean Money,” “Hustla Baby,”  “Girl Next Door” etc.

Launching this beauty line for Rihanna, was very significant to her because her main priority is to have a wide range of shades for all skin tones. Throughout the entire production, process and campaign of her beauty line she was present at every moment.

“I don’t wanna sell something that I don’t believe in and so in order to believe in it, it has to be from my perspective.  I have to see every inch of the process and be involved in every inch of the process” said Rihanna at beauty line launch party interview.

I strongly agree with Rihanna’s thoughts. As a business person, you must know every aspect of your product, every detail, every ingredient and be involved in the process from the inception. This way you can be accountable for everything that takes place; you will handle certain situations appropriately and be more confident in how your product or service can benefit others. In fact, it feels more rewarding and it brings a sense of self-sufficiency.  In other words, as an entrepreneur you have extreme confidence in your own resources, powers and abilities; one is able to stand on their own two feet if the worse should happen. So, I believe Rihanna made a brilliant point of view to why it was very important for her to capture every moment.

Her foundations are not limited to anyone, she has numerous shades you can choose from as she believes people has different shades and undertones. What’s a little surprise is she created only one lip gloss! Why?

“I wanted a colour that looked good on all skin tones. And it might have been a  challenge but I didn’t care, I was up for it. We had to switch things up and go back and forth, get the right texture, the right smell even. We came down to this perfect rosey nude that had a little bit of shimmer. There are so many different shades and undertones. You just never know so you want people to appreciate the product and not feel like ‘It only looks cute on her,” she shared.

The ‘Pon de Replay” singer is certainly a very ambitious woman. She’s not just a regular island gal who knows how to break it down and bring merriment to her audience, but she’s a woman who has great aspirations and think about others as she aspires for greatness. She told a reporter that she feels beautiful when:

“When I’m tan and the humidity is really good, and my makeup happens to look perfect, no break outs” “The better your skin is, the better makeup looks on your skin” she added.

I was always a fan of Rihanna, always. She is just so pretty and full of life! Cheers to you Rihanna for thinking about every female on this Earth, now no one is left out.

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