Usain Bolt’s Retirement

Usain Bolt’s Retirement

Lightning Bolt some may call him and in fact he truly is. He has eight gold medals, three world records; he hasn’t been beaten in the 100m or 200m since Justin Gatlin edged by a hundredth of a second in Rome in 2013. He is the purest athlete you have ever seen in a lifetime. He absolutely has taken no drug to increase his speed; he is just very gifted whether you want to accept it or not. It is simply what it is.  He has decided to retire from his athletic career this year. He has never loved training and he has spent a decade or more on managing chronic back issues. Bolt has been at his best under the withering pressure of championship sprinting. He ran 21 global championship races from 2008-2016, the 100 metres, 200 metres and 4×100-meter relay at three Olympics and four world championships and won 19 of them. Isn’t that amazing?! He ran at the world championships in London last Saturday and he didn’t win. However, he said he would run his very last race in his home country Jamaica. Well, what does that mean? It means that he will say his farewell in his  native home of Jamaica by running with all his might on the grounds of Kingston at the National Stadium Park. He will run for his proud Jamaicans.  He won those races at the Stadium and that was his last race in being the fastest sprinter in history! So when he didn’t win recently in London it wasn’t that he couldn’t he just chose not. He said he will be running for his fans in London so it didn’t matter whether he wins or not. It was out of love and appreciation for his British well wishers.  He is now tired and ready to rest. Again, he made it clear that he already has ran his last race in Jamaica so any race after that was not going to end with the triumph that we have seen throughout the years. I urged you to not speak disappointingly about his recent races. At the end of the day, he is a legend, an unforgettable sprinter, the fastest man alive and the most energetic athlete. You cannot take that away from him and you never will. http://

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