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What is Swish Swish….?

The “I Kissed a girl” singer Katy Perry has dropped her new song called Swish Swish and the music video for it. It is quite funny and different. Trinidadian’s queen Nikki Minaj is the featured artist on the track and as always Nikki Minaj raps effortlessly to help make it a hit song. Some people are saying it is wack and just a crazy video but Katy Perry is the type of artiste who can be whimsical in her videos. She is an amusing artiste who makes fun of herself and finds it normal. She makes vivid and picturesque music videos that grabs one’s attention, forcing you to say wow or that was a good imaginative story.  This “Swish Swish” song is on her fourth coming album called ‘Witness’. But wait a minute, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are not on good terms and fans are wondering if the ‘Swish Swish’ song is targeted to Taylor Swift. Some people think so because of Taylor’s last name (Swift) so Katy perhaps, just shift the letters a bit and says ‘Swish Swish’. Hmmmm, how smart? Nevertheless, I like Katy Perry, she is a fun and a beautiful artiste. She has one of the most gorgeous bright eyes. See the video and comment what you think.

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Fans cursed Chris Brown after commenting on Rihanna’s photo

Rihanna’s fans are disgruntled after Chris Breezy commented on Rihanna’s photo on Instagram. In the photo, Rihanna was in her carnival costume looking gorgeous and sexy. It caught Brown’s attention so he decided to leave a comment with goggly eyes emoji. As a result, Brown’s comment caused outrage, with several fans demanding he leave her alone.  But I wonder, what those googly eyes means? Did it means ‘hey sexy”?  Or I see youuuu. But he had her in 2009 as his girl friend and abused her so now whatever his comment meant, it is pointless. Rihanna has moved on. You never know what you have until it’s gone so cherish it! 

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Beyonce Romantic Date with her Hussy

It’s been one month now since Beyonce gave birth to twins, Rumi and Sir carter. Beyonce has taken a little time off from doing mommy duties for a romantic date night with her husband of nine years. The ‘Lemonade’ singer took to her Instagram page to share personal photos of the pair enjoying some quality time together on a night out. In one photo, Beyoncé, 35, looks incredible in a wrap dress which shows off her cleavage, and her long, wavy hair falling over her shoulders. The star sips what looks to be wine from a glass, while in another snap, husband Jay-Z  is also seen enjoying a drink with his cap pulled down over his eyes. I love that she is spending quality time with him that way they can reconnect together without having the children around to disturb their tranquility. 

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Justin Beiber takes a break from music

Justin Beiber cancelled his ‘Purpose’ world tour and it has upset his fans. According to source, Justin’s inner circle says he still plans to record new music and get back to touring when the time is right. Right now, he has no intentions to resume his tour dates or to make any new music but he he does plan to return to his artistic side. Sources has connected with the 23 year-old singer say that the reason for pulling the plug on the rest of his tour was so he could be done with music entirely also that he could focus on his religion. Justin Bieber’s involvement in the Hillsong Church has been widely reported. Over the last two years, he’s been very involved in the Hillsong Church and gotten extremely close to his pastor, Carl Lentz. In fact, Justin has become estranged from both his mother and father, and with their absence in his life, Justin looks at Carl as a father figure. Could this mean that Justin is thinking of being a Christian? Will he turn his life over and be a committed religious person or this is just a publicity stunt? I don’t know man lol! If he is serious and he wants to focus on being more actively in the Church then I support him. Maybe, this is God’s calling. Some people have said that Justin Beiber does not sings the way he used to when he just became a music star. But that could be because he is now older so his vocal cords are not as “young” and “refine” as before. So perhaps, he has already served his time in the music industry and now its time to focus on his religion and maybe helping unfortunate people more than he used to. Who knows? 

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Usain Bolt’s Retirement

Lightning Bolt some may call him and in fact he truly is. He has eight gold medals, three world records; he hasn’t been beaten in the 100m or 200m since Justin Gatlin edged by a hundredth of a second in Rome in 2013. He is the purest athlete you have ever seen in a lifetime. He absolutely has taken no drug to increase his speed; he is just very gifted whether you want to accept it or not. It is simply what it is.  He has decided to retire from his athletic career this year. He has never loved training and he has spent a decade or more on managing chronic back issues. Bolt has been at his best under the withering pressure of championship sprinting. He ran 21 global championship races from 2008-2016, the 100 metres, 200 metres and 4×100-meter relay at three Olympics and four world championships and won 19 of them. Isn’t that amazing?! He ran at the world championships in London last Saturday and he didn’t win. However, he said he would run his very last race in his home country Jamaica. Well, what does that mean? It means that he will say his farewell in his  native home of Jamaica by running with all his might on the grounds of Kingston at the National Stadium Park. He will run for his proud Jamaicans.  He won those races at the Stadium and that was his last race in being the fastest sprinter in history! So when he didn’t win recently in London it wasn’t that he couldn’t he just chose not. He said he will be running for his fans in London so it didn’t matter whether he wins or not. It was out of love and appreciation for his British well wishers.  He is now tired and ready to rest. Again, he made it clear that he already has ran his last race in Jamaica so any race after that was not going to end with the triumph that we have seen throughout the years. I urged you to not speak disappointingly about his recent races. At the end of the day, he is a legend, an unforgettable sprinter, the fastest man alive and the most energetic athlete. You cannot take that away from him and you never will. http://

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The Vampire Diaries ’s star Ian Somerhalder had a baby girl

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder will take a month of silence after their baby arrives. “We’ll take the baby’s first month for ourselves,” explains Nikki reed in the new issue of Fit Pregnancy and Baby. “After the baby arrives, we’re doing one month of silence. Just the three of us, no visitors, and we’re turning off our phones too, so there’s no expectation for us to communicate.”The 29-year-old twilight star says that she doesn’t want to feel pressure to share daily health updates and photos of her newborn. She adds “You don’t get  those first 30 days back and we want to be fully present”.  Ian would rather Nikki to be pregnant forever as she is more relaxed and chill LOL! Isn’t that ironic for some women or men? In some or most cases, pregnant women tends to be cranky at times, emotional and indecisive so for some men it would be difficult for them to cope with some women’s pregnancy symptoms.  You see, everyone is different. Every woman is different in terms of their pregnancy journey. Some are their worst when they are pregnant while some are their best. But its a wonderful thing to have a baby especially with the one you love solely. I wonder what a mini-version of me would look like? A mini girl or mini boy? Lol, do you ever wonder that too? In short, they had a baby girl last week and are fully attentive to her as we speak, no communication with anyone.

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Pink is Back!

The ‘So What’ singer Pink has revealed new album title, release date and cover art. Are you ready for Pink’s new music? Pink announce on social media Wednesday, August 9th, about her upcoming album with her fans. Her new single “What about us” is out now and it is doing well on the Billboard chart. “I’m certifiably, insanely proud of this album” she said on her Instagram account.  The very last time we heard from Pink was through her March single “Waterfall” with Stargate and Sia. The upcoming album release will mark the 37 year-old singer’s seventh long play (LP) and the first since 2012’s The Truth About Love. Oh yeah! Pink had a baby last December with her husband Carey Hart. So I guess her family takes up most of her time, being a mother for two children and a wife can be hectic. But now she’s back and ready to give us more music, which of Pink’s songs is your favourite?

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Reggae Sumfest 2K17 Recap

Our Music. Our Festival. The 25th Reggae Sumfest Show has always been the show to get pure Jamaican entertainment.  Khadine Hylton “Miss Kitty” hosted dancehall night and it her appearance was quite cultural. She dressed in a beautiful bandana dress and carried her little basket. She was representing the Jamaican culture and slightly remembers the icon and the legendary Miss Louise Bennett-Coverly otherwise known as “Miss Lou”.  On dancehall night, there were performances by Spice, Tommy Lee Sparta, Masicka, Dexta Daps, Alkaline, Shenseea etc.  Spice and Dexta Daps performances got the most ratings as the audience enjoys their epic and visual stage presence. Bouty Killa also did great and Tommy Lee Sparta did a great job.  To see clippings of these performances you may view them on Youtube and then be your own judge.

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