Host Your Show


Requirements for submitting a show proposal for consideration on Carib101Radio

To submit your show for potential inclusion on Carib101Radio, please follow these guidelines to increase the chances of your show being approved for Carib101Radio:

  • All show requests must consist of a proposal and mp3 demo
  • Submitted demos should be 10 minutes in length
  • Proposal should include a proper show marketing plan
  • Applicant must be able to produce consistent weekly shows.
  • If demo is for an evening DJ show, the demo should include a proper sample consisting of properly mixed music and a show host/MC. We will not accept any mix-only demos or shows.
  • Content may not include overly explicit or pornographic material
  • Shows names may not contain indecent language or imagery
  • We will not accept submissions that include hate speech, ethnic slurs, slander or libel
  • Proposals can be submitted to demos[at]