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Exclusive Interview with Rupee

Exclusive Interview with Rupee

Toronto Caribbean reporter and occasional carib101 radio personality Kristina Ramcharran had the opportunity for a short interview with Soca superstar Rupee at the 2017 annual Barbados on the Water festival. Rupee was sure to talk about his love for Toronto, the upcoming Caribana and Cropover season, new music and tour life.

“My next appearance might possibly be for Caribana,” said Rupee, ensuring anyone who missed his Barbados on the Water performances, that he will be back in August.

On top of coming back to Toronto for the city’s annual carnival, he is also taking Soca music to new heights around the world. “[My] Travelling schedule has been crazy, I was just recently in Abu Dhabi, Doha in Qatar. Took Soca music to Doha for the first time, an absolutely amazing experience.”

He also noted he will be traveling to perform in Columbia and Belize for the first in time in the upcoming weeks.

“I just came out of an extremely successful Trinidad carnival,” added Rupee on his latest carnival experience. “[It’s the] first time I was there after maybe seven years, felt as though I never left.”

On his new music, Rupee is also bringing Soca into the mainstream by signing his latest song to a big record label, ensuring for great exposure. “We released a song called ‘Tipsy’ that has just completely blown up. It was recently signed to Ultra Music/ Sony Music.”

He noted this is a huge step for the soca industry as Ultra music is known for signing EDM’s most popular musicians, as well as hosts the Ultra Music festival in Miami, one of the largest music festivals in the world.

He also hinted at releasing more music later in the year, “Cropover is around the corner in Barbados and we’re looking to release maybe one or two songs for that.”

Rupee’s love for Toronto is more, if not equal, to the love from all of his fans in Toronto and surrounding areas.

“I can safely say that Rupee wouldn’t be who he is today, without Toronto, without their support. They’re such an integral part, of who I am, my foundation. I mean I’ve been coming here for over more than seventeen years, almost two decades,” he said when asked to share a message with his fans in Toronto.

“The love it just continues to grow stronger, it’s never withered.”

Stay tuned to his social media to find out where he’ll be next when he’s back in Toronto!

Kristina Ramcharran

May 31st, 2017

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