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Christmas Spirit for the Kids. Soca Artiste Reflects on 2015 And Basks In Present Season

Christmas Spirit for the Kids. Soca Artiste Reflects on 2015 And Basks In Present Season

Christmas comes before Carnival in the Caribbean so although the airwaves of urban frequencies may be blazing carnival 2016 anthems in Trinidad and Tobago, one soca artiste says he’s excited for Christmas, as he usually is.

Fadda Moses has been releasing soca music. In fact, he released two tracks approximately one week ago, but while that’s his professional ambition, the entertainer who broadened his musical horizons this past year, says Christmas is a very special time of year for him. From the smell of the traditional Caribbean Christmas cuisine to the lingering scent of paint and polish that is almost synonymous with the season, Moses says, Christmas brings a warm feeling like nothing else. “I really look forward to seeing family- family I may not really see during the year. I love seeing my children’s faces when they receive their presents,” said the dad of two. Amid the nostalgic sentiments of a season that some argue is being forgotten and replaced by the Trini Carnival spirit, Moses says as a stakeholder in the business of music and carnival, he understands why artistes feverishly press forward to get their music played and promoted before Christmas. “With a season that’s as short as this one is, the only option artistes have is really to push hard prior to Christmas. When it comes to the less popular artistes, it’s even harder to make that breakthrough so releasing in September or thereabout is really the only option,” he explained.

His recent release of “Champion Winer” and “No Beg Friend” which shares a riddim with fellow artiste, M1 and his track, “ All Ah Dem”, came even as Moses prepared to fly out of Trinidad. He represented T&T at two events in Atlanta on the weekend. “I launched the songs there with first time performances,” he said, acknowledging that it was also his very first time in the ATL. “This past year has taught me a lot, musically. I’ve learnt that sometimes you have to just get up and press; come out of your comfort zone and go after what you really want,” he said. Moses’ encounter this year, with fans overseas who enjoyed his sound was indeed an eye opener for him. He experienced the desire of British music lovers to hear more of him when he visited London earlier this year. “This year I realized that sometimes you just have to pick up and go to these places. Sometimes your music isn’t playing in Trinidad, but it’s on heavy rotation overseas and you don’t even know it,” he said. He was blown away when he visited London and heard his track ‘Sample’ being played on the popular radio stations out there. When he took the stage at an event during his visit, the response of the crowd came as an incredibly awesome shock to Moses, a shock that sent ripples through his body.

Now with new soca tracks circulated and an energy that fuels his ambition, Fadda Moses says he’s ready to quench all thirst for enjoyment by carnival lovers. “I wrote these two tracks and they were produced by Dante Pantin (Champion Winer) and Chain Link Studio (No Beg Friend). The music speaks for itself. Not much explanation needed,” said the Chaguanas native who certainly remains humble, taking every experience as a lesson learnt. Fans of the artiste can look out for the imminent release of a video for Champion Winer in the days ahead.

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November 30th, 2015

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