What is Swish Swish….?

What is Swish Swish….?

The “I Kissed a girl” singer Katy Perry has dropped her new song called Swish Swish and the music video for it. It is quite funny and different. Trinidadian’s queen Nikki Minaj is the featured artist on the track and as always Nikki Minaj raps effortlessly to help make it a hit song. Some people are saying it is wack and just a crazy video but Katy Perry is the type of artiste who can be whimsical in her videos. She is an amusing artiste who makes fun of herself and finds it normal. She makes vivid and picturesque music videos that grabs one’s attention, forcing you to say wow or that was a good imaginative story.  This “Swish Swish” song is on her fourth coming album called ‘Witness’. But wait a minute, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are not on good terms and fans are wondering if the ‘Swish Swish’ song is targeted to Taylor Swift. Some people think so because of Taylor’s last name (Swift) so Katy perhaps, just shift the letters a bit and says ‘Swish Swish’. Hmmmm, how smart? Nevertheless, I like Katy Perry, she is a fun and a beautiful artiste. She has one of the most gorgeous bright eyes. See the video and comment what you think.

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